Talking Galleries symposium New York 2024

The video recordings of this year’s edition are now online! Check out the videos section here.  
The second edition of Talking Galleries New York symposium took place on April 8th and 9th at The Spiral building. This two-day symposium for the art world was presented in partnership with Schwartzman& and directed by Loring Randolph.
Access the full program of talks and participating speakers here.

After the success of the inaugural symposium in 2022, Talking Galleries celebrated its second edition in New York on Monday, April 8th and Tuesday, April 9th, 2024. The event took place at The Spiral by Tishman Speyer, in renewed collaboration with the advisory firm Schwartzman& and under the direction of Loring Randolph.

With an impressive lineup of nearly 40 leaders from the international art scene, Talking Galleries New York 2024 provided a comprehensive analysis of the issues facing the art world today, extending our exploration beyond art market and gallery practices.

This year, the program discussions covered the evolving landscape of art institutions and museums, delved into the contemporary relevance of art criticism, analyzed market trends, addressed the importance of galleries’ identity in a changing world, acknowledged new models for philanthropy, and navigated the impact of AI in the arts, among other key topics shaping the future of the art world.

We would like to thank especially our esteemed speakers for this brilliant new edition of Talking Galleries in New York, our host The Spiral, and above all our valued attendees for joining us and for your insightful participation.

An international roster of top-level speakers

With the participation of Víctor Barragán (artist), Alvaro Barrington (artist), Bina48 (android), Caroline Bourgeois (Pinault Foundation), Charlotte Burns (Studio Burns), Sadie Coles (Sadie Coles HQ), Stephanie Dinkins (artist), Sarah Douglas (ARTnews), Bruce Duncan (Terasem Movement Foundation), Carla Fernández (fashion designer), Deana Haggag (Mellon Foundation), Kathy Halbreich (curator and philanthropic advisor)), Julia Halperin (art journalist), Andria Hickey (Shorefast and Fogo Island Arts), J. Tomilson Hill (Hill Art Foundation), Candice Hopkins (Forge Project), Danielle Jackson (critic and researcher), Jamian Juliano-Villani (artist), Karla Kaplun (artist), Brooke Lampley (Sotheby’s), Glenn D. Lowry (MoMA), Mónica Manzutto (kurimanzutto), Conor O’Neil (Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Foundation), Matthew McLean (Frieze Studios), Andrew Russeth (journalist and art critic), Peter J. Russo (Walk Together PJR), Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine), Pete Scantland (Orange Barrel Media), Mary Louise Schumacher (journalist and filmmaker), Allan Schwartzman (Schwartzman&), Noam Segal (Guggenheim Museum), Vince Szwajkowski (Cadogan Tate), Gardy St. Fleur (art advisor and collector), Billy Tang (Para Site), James Tarmy (Bloomberg News), Sean Tatol (The Manhattan Art Review), Jasmin Tsou (Lisson Gallery), and Jovanna Venegas (SculptureCenter).

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Talking Galleries | New York | 2022



Talking Galleries | New York | 2022



Talking Galleries | New York | 2022