The Event

Following the format and spirit of Talking Galleries’ flagship event, the Barcelona Symposium, in April of 2022 the platform partnered with the New York-based  art advisory firm Schwartzman & Associates to present its first symposium in New York.

Talking Galleries New York is a two-day art world symposium bringing together key figures in our community, both industry leaders and emerging talents, to debate the core issues the international art world is facing today and foster new ideas to affect positive change.

The Organizers

About Talking Galleries

Talking Galleries is a Spanish non-profit think tank dedicated to generating knowledge and fostering debate regarding art galleries and the global art market. Through the organization of symposia internationally, the organization brings together leading figures and newcomers to the art world to debate the possible impact of current challenges, share experiences, raise concerns, and re-think existing models.

Founded in 2011 by cultural entrepreneur Llucià Homs, Talking Galleries holds an annual symposium in Barcelona. Thanks to the increasing interest in these topics and format, the organization has emerged on the international scene with events convened in Paris, Madrid, Seoul, London and Berlin. The most recent symposium took place virtually from Barcelona in 2020, and Talking Galleries hosted a series of online talks with industry leaders on navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization has also developed an education initiative as well as a publishing arm to collect its wealth of thoughtful discussions for convenient reference. 

About Schwartzman & Associates

Schwartzman & Associates was established in mid-2021 in offices in New York City’s Dia Art Foundation building. Serving the full spectrum of individuals and organizations, private and public, and involved in forming, assessing, or rethinking the possibilities of art collections, S&A is committed to a highly personal, dialogue-based process, providing a new and more elastic model of what an art advisory service can do and how it may function.

In addition to offering the highest level of traditional advisory services to art collectors, S&A is an incubator for the short- and long-term health and evolution of a rapidly changing art ecosystem. S&A has developed this expansive role in response to a wide range of clients who are seeking new ways to experience and collect art, engage in philanthropic giving, and participate in productive change.

Areas of practice include advisory services for collectors, artists and artists’ estates, museums, philanthropic patrons and beneficiaries, public and private entities engaged in conceiving and realizing ambitious public-facing development projects with art at their core, the Art& publishing arm and the new podcast Hope & Dread.

The Team

Llucià Homs

Llucià Homs
Director of Talking Galleries

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Allan Schwartzman
Founder and Principal of Schwartzman&

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Loring Randolph
Programming Director of Talking Galleries New York

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