2024 edition

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2022 edition

Lindsay Pollock | “Reflections: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Today?”
“Galleries: The Next Generation”
“Public Institutions: A New Vision for The Future”
“Leveling Up: Infrastructure in Africa”
“Focus: Art Finance Debunked”
“Models of Our Time: The Caribbean”
“Focus Ukraine: Art in A Time of Turmoil”
Jason Farago | “Looking Forward: The Future of The Art World”
“The New, New York”
“The Invisible Market”
“Focus Afghanistan: Art in a Time of Turmoil”
“Climate Change Responsibility in the Visual Arts”
“Art Fairs: Is Asia the Hub of the 21st Century?”
“The Digital Future: How Can New Technology Move Art Forward?”
“Paying It Forward: The Importance of Innovative Forms of Patronage Today”
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