“What is Defining the Art Market of 2024? A Discussion With Key Players”

J. Tomilson Hill, President, Hill Art Foundation
Brooke Lampley, Global Chairman and Head of Global Fine Art, Sotheby’s
Allan Schwartzman, Founder and Principal, Schwartzman&
Gardy St. Fleur, art advisor and collector
Moderated by James Tarmy, Writer, Bloomberg News

Is the art market plateauing? Is there metabolism for new work? Are buyers putting downward price pressures on sellers? Are seller expectations lessening or staying steady? What is the utility of selling art visibly-publicly vs privately, and how are the risks being mediated—do the benefits outweigh the risk? What opportunities exist for collectors who still want to buy long-term or at a great value? What advances in technology are affecting the market, who is developing this market-driven intelligence, and how is it being deployed and used? Does it have any impact on the art or the visitors when Art Fairs consolidate? What are the future trends and predictions? A discussion with key industry figures to explore what is shaping the market in 2024.