“Mexico City: Dialogues Across Fashion, Art and Design”

Victor Barragán, artist
Carla Fernández, Creative Director and Founder, Carla Fernández. Casa de Moda
Karla Kaplun, artist

Moderated by Jovanna Venegas, Curator, SculptureCenter

In Mexico City, as well as in São Paulo and other metropolises in Latin America, a vibrant cultural transformation is underway, where the boundaries between visual art, fashion, design, and architecture are becoming increasingly porous. CDMX’s bustling urban center, with its rich history of culture and craftsmanship, serves as fertile ground for such creative possibilities. In this talk, we will explore how Mexico City is at the forefront of a dynamic movement, where traditional silos are being reworked and interdisciplinary collaborations are thriving. From artist-run art spaces blending with design specialty shops to cross-collaborations between artists and architects, Mexico City is redefining what it means to create, experience, and appreciate artistic expression.