“Power Shift to Artists”

Alvaro Barrington, artist
Kathy Halbreich, curator and philanthropy advisor
Jamian Juliano-Villani, artist
Allan Schwartzman, Founder and Principal, Schwartzman&

Moderated by Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief, ARTnews

Artists have always been at the forefront of change and reinvention of the art¬world during critical historical moments, and now more than ever artists are situated as equals alongside collectors, gallerists and other art business leaders in terms of their influence and power. This year, 10 artists were listed as the most influential and powerful people of the power 100 list in the art world for the first time. As we notice more artists serving on museum boards, owning businesses, and becoming patrons and philanthropists in their own right, does this indicate a profound changing of the guard at the top echelons of the art world, or is it business as usual? For those who have a newfound autonomy and empowerment, what freedoms and responsibilities have come with this? Has this emphasis shift also affected artist estates and foundations? Does this mean that artists, and their estates and foundations, now have a larger agenda or mission than just creating, maintaining and selling their art?